The iPhone X cracked on the first drop

OMG!!! “iPhone X Fails on Scratch and Drop Test”. Yes, you read it right. According to Apple, iPhone X is built with high grade of glass and stainless steel.

iPhone X will cost you whooping $1000 then you have to spend some more dollars to buy a mobile cover also because your iPhone X will not be able to handle accidental damages. Not only buying iPhone X is costly but repairing is also going a bit costly. If you haven’t spent the $200 extra for AppleCare+, replacing the screen can set you back $279.

iPhone X Scratch Test

iPhone X got scratched with a key and it didn’t do much, and the sandpaper left a similar mark as on the back glass.

iPhone X Drop Test

The glass from 3 of the four corners cracked at different degrees of severity and scuffed up the side of the camera mount.

Most iPhone screens are prone to scratches, but with glass on either side the iPhone X has more potential surface area to scratch.. But the stainless steel frame should, in theory, be tougher to scuff than the aluminum on previous models.

iPhone X is made from the most durable glass ever in a smartphone with a 50% deeper strengthening layer using our dual ion-exchange process, further reinforced by an internal laser welded, steel and copper structure. And the surgical-grade stainless steel band that wraps around and reinforces iPhone X is a special Apple-designed alloy that is both durable and more pure. If anyone is concerned about dropping their iPhone and damaging it, we suggest using one of the many beautiful cases available to protect iPhone.”

Is the iPhone X more fragile than past iPhones? Tough to say, because none of our tests are scientific, but the price you pay for this phone and for any potential repairs makes the risk of dropping it a lot worse.

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